About Us

Our Ethos.

Confidence is a funny thing. Sometimes we have it, sometimes we don't. Life feels much easier to manage when our confidence levels are higher - we feel ready to take on the world! When our confidence levels are low, things seem much tougher and the smallest of things can make us feel low.

Self-belief can often start with someone else believing in you and being on your side.

We believe in giving communities a voice so that they can directly influence the services that support them. Evidencing good practice; using data and information to evidence need, and mapping change all form part of our approach.


Innovation & Creativity.

There are always ways to do things better. We use innovative and creative approaches in all of our projects. It could be presenting complex data in a way that makes sense to people; providing information in ways that are clear, accessible and attractive, or finding creative ways to capture and present peoples' voice.

We love to generate new ideas and tranform them into meaningful change through well-managed projects with a clear evidence base.


Using the Arts to Build Confidence.

Learning a new skill, meeting with other people and going somewhere that makes you feel comfortable, supported and inspired are brilliant ways of helping you to build up your confidence levels.

At Untapped Me C.I.C. we think that creating things is an amazing way to build skills and confidence. In our projects we use innovative approaches to introduce art, crafts and creativity in a huge range of forms to work with people to develop new skills.

Regardless what people are making or creating, we find that the creative process itself is a fantastic way of generating conversations, exploring ideas and spending time focusing on positive activities.

What's a CIC?

It basically means that we are a business with a strong social purpose and our work aims to benefit the community.

A Community Interest Company is a special sort of Limited Company. When we set up our company we had to apply to the Community Interest Company regulator, stating what our Community of Interest is and how we will operate as a social enterprise. One of the special features of a C.I.C. is that our assets are locked - so that if for any reason our company failed we would never profit from it personally and any assets would go to a nominated charity. It also means that we have a strict limit on any personal gain from the business - profits that we generate from commercial activity will be invested in working towards our social purpose. We have to create a report annually to outline what we have done and this is submitted to the C.I.C. regulator.

All of this means that you can be assured that we will use any surplus that we generate to support our community of interest, which is vulnerable and socially isolated women. We aim to work with a range of women, who for whatever reason, find that they are socially isolated. We will work with young parents and parents-to-be to support them to build skills and confidence; we will work with women who need a confidence boost and women who, for a whole range of reasons, need a bit of extra support. We will also work with our local community.