Becoming Dad

Becoming Dad

Developing a project website and resources.

Project Context

Becoming Dad was a piece of work that developed with the Teenage Pregnancy Partnership in Leicestershire. Fantastic progress had been made over a number of years in engaging with and supporting young mums, but it was time to focus on young families and do some work with young dads.

A brilliant company called Diva worked with a group of young dads to create a film about their experiences during pregnancy and the preparation for parenthood.

To support the film, we were asked to develop an accompanying website and some resources aimed at young dads.

What we did

We worked with the young men who had taken part in the film to develop some top tips for new dads. These feature on the Becoming Dad website and are available in printed form on small cards to give out to dads.

We designed a 'Dads are Welcome here' poster to be displayed in places where young dads and dads-to-be might access support so that they feel welcome and included. This was a direct response to feedback from young men, who felt that posters were geared largely towards pregnant women and mothers.

We also created a set of alphabet flash cards to be given to young dads to encourage them to read with their children from a young age.

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