Project Evaluation

Measuring Change

Successful Project Evaluation isn't a 'tick box exercise', nor is it about collecting rafts of data that sit in a report on a shelf for evermore.

An effective Project Evaluation illustrates the difference the project has made. It shows a clear journey from project conception to completion.

It outlines the challenges that emerged, how they were overcome, and how that learning can be used to make things better.

Outputs and outcomes are clear, as is the role of project staff and other stakeholders (including volunteers).

Unexpected outcomes are highlighted and potential for the future is outlined and celebrated.


Stakeholder Involvement

Involving stakeholders in evaluative processes is crucial to a successful project evaluation.

We work with our clients to map stakeholders and really understand what their involvement in a project has been.

Our approach is tailored to use appropriate engagement methods and encourage participants to feel invested and interested in the process.




Meaningful Data

Making data make sense is a real passion for us.

Creating bespoke infographics, mapping change journeys and developing a real sense of progression through a project all help to create a high quality project evaluation that is accessible to commissioners and participants.

We can offer a clear, objective, perspective on your project, supported by comprehensive data collection and analysis.

We'd love to work with you to create a Project Evaluation for your project. If you'd like to talk to us about this, please get in touch.