So You're a Parent... What Next?

Resource Development

Working with volunteers to develop a targeted resource.

Project Context

We work regularly with a group of volunteer young parents. There are a range of resources available to support young parents in pregnancy and parenthood - we've created a few ourselves - but we felt that there are some things that aren't really discussed. If people are experiencing things that they don't feel prepared for, or if they feel like they're the only ones going through it, it can make them feel stressed and isolated.

'So You're a Parent... What Next?' was created to give a refreshing view on some of the realities of parenthood so that others can realise there is no such thing as 'normal' when you've had a baby!

After agreeing on a list of topics, the volunteers talked frankly about their own experiences of each. These conversations shaped each section of the book, which includes top tips and links for further support and information.

The Final Result

After presenting the volunteers with several design options, they unanimously voted on the final design concept and we created the book. It is distributed to young mums post-natally and the feedback about it has been great. By involving volunteers and supporting them to design a resource for their peers, the language, tone and messages are targeted perfectly for the target audience.

extract page from 'So You're a Parent... What Next?'

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